“O ser humano é tão criativo que, quando não tem problemas, ele os cria.”
Augusto Cury. (via alentador)
“Invés de ficar, por exemplo, assim sentado “Ah, mas eu não consigo nada, mas é tudo tão difícil.” Difícil vírgula. Se você tá afim de fazer alguma coisa, você faz, entendeu? Não tem essa de que tá difícil. Por mais difícil que seja.”
Renato Russo. (via alentador)


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So, it’s been a while since I stopped reblogging and posting around here, right? That’s because I got tired. I still love PLL (not as much as before, but I still like the show a lot) but I just don’t feel like wanting to post things about it or having a tumblr dedicated to it anymore. I will keep posting on my personal tumblr (to follow, click here) and you guys can find me there for now. I won’t delete my PLL tumblr, you can access it and reblog my posts (more than 10.000, by the way). So, I hope you guys understand and goodbye! xo ♥

Once I start reading something, I can’t stop. I obsessively read
                                            ..which is a problem with long books.
-Keegan Allen

The Liars + being in the Courtyard


Listen to this, PLL fans:

I was doing some research tonight and made this discovery on a baby name website. 

As we know, Toby’s mother’s name was Marion…

-A nickname for the name Marion is MONA. 

…Coincidence? Thoughts?