So, it’s been a while since I stopped reblogging and posting around here, right? That’s because I got tired. I still love PLL (not as much as before, but I still like the show a lot) but I just don’t feel like wanting to post things about it or having a tumblr dedicated to it anymore. I will keep posting on my personal tumblr (to follow, click here) and you guys can find me there for now. I won’t delete my PLL tumblr, you can access it and reblog my posts (more than 10.000, by the way). So, I hope you guys understand and goodbye! xo ♥

Posted 8 months ago

Once I start reading something, I can’t stop. I obsessively read
                                            ..which is a problem with long books.
-Keegan Allen

The Liars + being in the Courtyard


My favorites little liars are back!


I’m so excited, but I’m so sad. I love my Tyler. He’s the sweetest, and I’m really upset. But I’m so happy for him. If they film in a different state, I’m going to visit him on the weekends. So I was like, you’d better not like anybody better than me. I just love him dearly. He’s one of my best friends, and I’ve enjoyed working with him so much.

- Ashley Benson shares her thoughts on Tyler Blackburn being regular in Ravenswood

this is interesting…


Listen to this, PLL fans:

I was doing some research tonight and made this discovery on a baby name website. 

As we know, Toby’s mother’s name was Marion…

-A nickname for the name Marion is MONA. 

…Coincidence? Thoughts? 

Tyler Blackburn for Burkhart California